Project lead: Partium Christian University

The Partium Christian University is a private, accredited university, situated in Oradea. The university is functioning since 1991, when it opened its gates with three specializations. Nowadays it has 12 specializations and three master programs.

This institution is responsible for the implementation of the project, the management and monitoring activities as well as communication with the partners. It ensures the place for project activities, and a part of the infrastructure and human resource. At the same time the Partium Christian University is assisting for the achievement of the purposed objects, disposing of a vast professional experience. The institution will have a key role in development of preparation and training program, helping first of all with ensuring technical and human assets.

The project manager has a huge experience in coordinating projects of research and development, as well as of regional cooperation.


    Program modules: 1. Personality development (20 hour) 2. The development of social competence (30 hour) 3. Changes in the role of teachers and andragogists (30 hour) 4. Supporting student autonomy in learning (30 hour) Continuous application!   [ more >> ]