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The transformation of the economical structures in post-communist countries involves profound modifications in the occupational structure. The inflexible educational and qualification systems from these countries are not adequately prepared to face the demand changes occurred in labour market, although the integration of disadvantaged groups to this labour market would be much more easier through an efficient, dynamic and modern training and adult learning institutional network. The institutions of higher education, initiators of this project: the Partium Christian University and the Kölcsey Ferenc Református Tanítóképző Főiskola recognized that one of the main preconditions of durable development of the cross border region is the promotion of renewal and auto transformation capacities of human resources.

The main objective of the project is promoting the integration of disadvantaged groups to labour market by the development of professional training and adult learning programs, the main objectives being: revealing the professional training supply and the aspects referring to the labour market of the Euroregion Bihor-Hajdu-Bihar, renewing the contents and methodology of adult training and learning programs, strengthening the professional background of adult training from the border regions.

During the project we will explore the supply and demand in the field of professional and adult training, and analyze through this the existing institutional system. When assessing the supply of adult education, we will emphasize especially the study of the functioning special programs for disadvantaged persons. Analyzing the professional and adult education supply, we will search for possibilities of sustaining and developing the activity field, taking in consideration the special educational-methodical criteria.


    Program modules: 1. Personality development (20 hour) 2. The development of social competence (30 hour) 3. Changes in the role of teachers and andragogists (30 hour) 4. Supporting student autonomy in learning (30 hour) Continuous application!   [ more >> ]